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Who we are?

OSAC (Open Source ASCOL Circle) is a group of lerners based primarily on Computer Science and Information Technologies students from Amrit Science College, Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

We LOVE Open Source Softwares/Open Source Philosophy.

What we do?

We share our knowledge among friends through formal and informal, regular and occasional get-togethers. In such get-togethers we talk, demonstrate, teach share and learn BUT basically we have fun there.

OSAC on github?

Yes we share some of our software projects here on github. You can browse, clone, fork, change and ‘request for merge’ on those projects and you are heartly welcomed to do so.

Project? What type of?

Some are with bugs.
Some are nasty attempt to reinvent the wheel.
Some with little bit usability.
All are created with fun of coding.

Some of them are :

  • ObuntuApps few applications developed by OSAC members, which are included in the Obuntu, a customized Ubuntu distro.

  • AutoSudoku simple command line app to solve sudoku problem.

  • passwd_man a tiny password manager, which runs from CUI and is portable.

  • hackme_challenge A challenge to hack a demo program with brute force attack(and few others).

  • nbase_Android Number Base Convertor for Android.

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Want to learn more about OSAC?

Visit our facebook || our blog . Or contact through google group || E-mail.